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Ukraine: sports and intelligence

They say that sportsmen are not very good in intellectual sorts of social activities. Like it is not possible to combine in harmony these civilization development fields. “Why not?” you may say – and of course you are right. Who are they which break this rule showing incredible successes in this unusual field? Let’s just say – they are from Ukraine.

Pride of Ukraine

RuslanaAsk Ukrainian people “Who is representing Ukraine in the eyes of the world?” and I am sure you will hear names Ruslana, Shevchenko, Klichko. What unites them all?

We may start from Sergey Bubka. For more than ten years he was a leader in pole vaulting, established 35 world records. None could repeat his highest achievement of 6 m 15 sm. Now there are brilliant perspectives for this record to become eternal one. Having no opponents he won six World Championships, Olympic Games.With this successes he raised athletics on unreachable height. But we should better notice his social activities. Arranging and supporting sport competitions he helped many athletes to grow higher and reach the top of their abilities.

To be a leader means to show the way for followers. Sergey Bubka is serving now as the President of Ukraine National Olympic Committee. He is International Olympic Committee member. His Foundation helps popularizing sports for kids.

Ten years later same role Andrey Shevchenko played for kids who wanted to reach the sports’ top. From his career beginning he was showing that for achieving highest results the one should work very hard and overcome all difficulties met. Playing in Ukrainian team Dynamo (Kiev) Shevchenko has shown his abilities and character. Calm on the field, polite, balanced in relations with his team-mates, arbiters or competitors he became a true leader of his team. So nobody was surprised with his transfer to great Italian football club Milan in a meantime. But what many people were intrigued of was how Andrey Shevchenko would act afterward. His great human qualities helped him not to lose himself in his new famous team. He became “Golden Ball” award winner and led Ukrainian team for incredible achievements on World Cup 2006.

We could say many words about many other outstanding Ukraine citizenslike Yana Klochkova,Vitaliy and Vladimir Klitschko, Ruslana. So what unites them all? I would notice their ability to show the way to the others in reaching successes for themselves and for their country.

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